Ivan Melnyk

Certified Salesforce B2C Commerce Architect

Certified B2C Commerce DeveloperCertified B2C Commerce Architect


Certified Salesforce B2C Commerce Architect, certified Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer since 2011, with over 16 years of experience in various IT areas such as system administration, web development, cloud engineering and e-commerce technologies. Completed the "Architecting and e-commerce Solutions in Demandware" training in 2012, obtained Salesforce B2C Commerce Architect certification at July 2020. During the last 12 years I had a pleasure to work on such a beautiful full lifecycle projects as Icebreaker, Adidas Latin America, Marc-O-Polo, Cortefiel, Fifty Factory, Pedro del Hierro, Springfield, Women Secret, Britax Römer, Faconnable, Burton (Boohoo), Dorothy Perkins (Boohoo), Nastygal (Boohoo), Wallis (Boohoo), Vivienne Westwood, built and integrated Global-e B2C Commerce Cartridge for more than 23 amazing Merchants.
I speak English (professional working proficiency), Ukrainian (native) and russian.
I am 38 years old.


Solutions Architect

Being an expert in SFCC (Demandware), I've provided a lot of technical solutions and expertise, current functionality analyses, built the architecture of the new or replatforming projects, discussed tons of various possible ways of implementing required functionality, business flows, project lifecycle and recommended the best approaches. I was also participating in the processes of making RFPs.

Technical Architect

Based on my knowledge and experience in SFCC, I've designed architectures for business and functional project lifecycles with applying best practices, following the best trends in the web-development, e-commerce and user-experience. I developed a lot of Proof of Concepts for most difficult integrations, wrote a lot of technical specification and documentation, did a lot of code/performance reviews and refactoring.

Technical Consultant

Starting from 2011 I've provided a lot of consultancy of technical solutions and approaches (such as Payment, Address validation, OMS, Loyalty programs integrations), provided a comprehensive support for finding and fixing bugs, solved tons of pre/post production issues, being worked in cooperation with on site project development teams and as individual expert.

Software Technical Lead

For the last number of years I was leading the Software Development Teams on the projects, I've learned how to be a team player and be an example for others. I was always taking care of my team, so each developer was always able to learn and grow professionally. I'm using Git Pull requests for Code review, Jira for Issue tracking and Confluence for documenting project business/functional specifications.

Fullstack Developer

I'm very well familiar with the fullstack development processes, such as hosting, web domain registration and DNS management (A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, SPF records, etc.), SSH, FTP, SFTP, WebDav remote access to the project files, Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Code Deployment/Delivery (CD), and stack of programming languages such as Bash (server scripting), PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, NoSQL, HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS and many others.

SFCC Developer

Starting from 2011 I was working as SFCC developer, grew up to senior level, successfully developed and launched (as part of the team) more than 15 projects (based on SFCC SiteGenesis storefront and many on SFRA storefront), was responsible for most complex and difficult backend and frontend integrations for more than 23 clients, provided comprehensive support and maintenance for about 15 different projects.

Backend Developer

I'm familiar with various backend web technologies, programming languages and servers such as PHP, Node.js, Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, etc. I've successfully implemented and integrated tons of SFCC Import/Export jobs, a lot of different Payment Gateways (Adyen, Worldpay, Stripe, PayPal, Cybersource, etc), Address verification services, Tax calculation, various customer loyalty reward systems and many other services. You can find some of the examples of my code on GitHub.

Frontend Developer

I'm familiar with and used the major development tools and frameworks in my work. This website, for example, is built using the Node.js and Webpack as a project code build tools, React + Next.js as a JavaScript (Server/Client) frameworks and Tailwind CSS as a CSS framework. I always strive to use the latest web technologies and practices to deliver the best Performance, Accessibility and SEO optimized website.

Cloud Architect/Developer

I have experience with the Cloud Services, such as Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure. I know how to configure, run and maintain Virtual Machine (Compute Engine), Cloud Networking, Cloud DNS and CDN, Storage, Load Balancer and Scaling, Cloud Containers (Docker, Kubernetes), Databases (including BigData) and Security. This website is built and hosted using the Google Cloud App Engine/Cloud Run, Cloud Storage and Google Firestore in Datastore mode.


I'm always open to help and listen to anyone, and of course I've not stopped to learn new trends, technologies and trying always apply best practices in web-development and e-commerce experience. All people who I had a pleasure to work and communicate with are happy with me. You can find some of the feedback/recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.

Linux, Windows, Mac

I have solid experience in Linux, Windows and Mac OS - installing, configuring, working with command line, etc. Starting from 2011 I have several servers for live and dev purpose (Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, rented VPS). I also use Node.js and npm package manager in my daily work.

Project Management

In my projects I'm using different methodologies to make the project happen and go live, such as Agile with Scrum (2 weeks Sprints, backlog and retrospectives), or with Kanban, on some projects I'm working in waterfall.


I'm familiar with the following technologies, either directly or indirectly used them in my work:

  • Tailwind CSS,Since 2023
  • Cloud Storage,Since 2023
  • Firestore,Since 2023
  • App Engine,Since 2023
  • Datastore,Since 2023
  • TypeScript,Since 2021
  • React,Since 2021
  • Webpack,Since 2019
  • SFRA,Since 2018
  • B2C Commerce API,Since 2018
  • Google Cloud,Since 2018
  • Salesforce OMS,Since 2017
  • SFCC Controllers,Since 2015
  • Mac OS,Since 2015
  • B2C OCAPI,Since 2015
  • Docker,Since 2015
  • Git,Since 2014
  • NodeJs,Since 2014
  • REST API,Since 2012
  • SOAP,Since 2012
  • Amazon AWS,Since 2011
  • SFTP,Since 2011
  • SSH,Since 2011
  • SFCC Pipelines,Since 2011
  • ISML Templates,Since 2011
  • Compute Engine,Since 2011
  • API,Since 2011
  • SVN,Since 2011
  • Demandware,Since 2011
  • Linux,Since 2010
  • Bash,Since 2010
  • jQuery,Since 2010
  • MSSQL,Since 2009
  • Python,Since 2009
  • JavaScript,Since 2009
  • JSON,Since 2007
  • MySQL,Since 2007
  • OOP,Since 2007
  • SQL,Since 2007
  • FTP,Since 2007
  • PHP,Since 2005
  • HTML,Since 2004
  • XML,Since 2004
  • CSS,Since 2004
  • WindowsSince 1999


Senior Solution Architect
Astound CommerceFull Time
Feb 2020 - Apr 20233 years 2 months
London, United KingdomHybrid

Astound Commerce is a global e-commerce provider that brings together strategy, technology and interactive marketing services for world’s premier brands and retailers.

My role and responsibility

Design and implement comprehensive e-commerce solutions for Astound Commerce clients using the best practice approaches. Writing technical documentation (such as business requirements, functional and non-functional requirements, technical and integration specifications), communicating to the clients during all phases of the projects, provide support for development team to build and launch client’s applications in expected time and quality.

My achievements

As part of the team, I’ve launched more than 6 successful projects, such as Faconnable, Burton (Boohoo), Dorothy Perkins (Boohoo), Nastygal (Boohoo), Wallis (Boohoo), Vivienne Westwood. I've renewed my Salesforce B2C Commerce Architect Certificate in July 2020.

Technical Architect Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Global-eFull Time
Aug 2017 - Jan 20202 years 4 months
London, United KingdomOn-site

Global-e enables retailers to sell globally in a localized manner to over one billion online shoppers in more than 200 markets worldwide.

My role and responsibility

Provide comprehensive analyses and technical expertise for integration of Global-e B2C Commerce Cartridge into existing or new Merchant storefront, including making the architecture of business/functional flow and user experience. Provide support for our existing on-going merchants/clients, design and implement new features.

My achievements

I've improved my skills in face-to-face client meetings, designing and implementing most difficult, complex and not standard tasks and solutions, building complex architecture of business, functional, order, fulfilment, data flow, making the proposals, launching projects in aggressive and limited timeframe. I've also renewed my Salesforce Commerce Cloud Digital Developer Certificate in Jan 2018 and I've certified Global-e B2C Commerce Cartridge, which I've successfully integrated to more than 23 great Merchants, such as Boux Avenue, CT Shirts, East, Etam, M&Co, Marks & Spencer, Musto, Undiz, Dim Paris, Hackett, Marc Jacobs, Pepe Jeans, Playtex, Rebecca Taylor, Vince, Chrome Industries, Cole Haan, Eric Bompard, Helmut Lang, Liberty London, ModCloth, Paule Ka, Theory and more.

Apr 2015 - Jul 20172 years 3 months
Amsterdam, NetherlandsOn-site
Software Development Technical Lead
Full Time
Feb 2017 - Jul 20175 months

DigitasLBi is a global marketing and technology agency that transforms businesses for the digital age.

My role and responsibility

I've started working here as Senior Demandware Developer, successfully launched number of e-commerce projects, in which I was responsible for implementing backend project lifecycle, such as import/export order, catalog and other data. At some point of time I've been promoted to a Software Development Technical Lead, since then I was leading Demandware Development practice on several projects.

My achievements

DigitasLBi have found in me the "One of the best Demandware developer", and I'm proud of it. I've reached new heights in my e-commerce knowledge, Demandware expertise, web best practices and standards. I was the one who've implemented early Demandware released Returns/Refunds API, also developed full Return/Refund lifecycle UI (using ext-js) for Demandware BM (Business Manager). From the moment when I was promoted to Software Development Technical Lead, I was also leading Demandware Development team on several projects. I've learned how to be an excellent team player and be an example for others. I was always taking care of my team, so each developer was always able to learn and grow professionally. I renewed my certification in Demandware in October of 2016 and got Demandware Certified Developer Certificate. Since of my first day of working here, we've launched more than 6 full lifecycle e-commerce projects, such as Cortefiel, Fifty Factory, Pedro del Hierro, Springfield, Women Secret, Britax Römer and some others beautiful ones.

Senior Demandware Developer
Full Time
Apr 2015 - Jan 20171 year 9 months
PulsarFour LLC (acquired by Valtech)
Senior Web (Demandware) Developer
PulsarFour LLC (acquired by Valtech)Full Time
Mar 2014 - Apr 20151 year 1 month
Kyiv, UkraineOn-site

PulsarFour is a Digital Commerce Agency - the passionate team of business, technology, and marketing professionals who aspire to build a better world by bringing the best-of-breed and most innovative technologies, processes and knowledge to our clients at an affordable price.

My role and responsibility

I was responsible for backend integration and implementation, such as payments, checkout, services, jobs, import/export order, catalog, etc.

My achievements

I worked in very professional team, with great people from (in cooperation with) Valtech. I've learned how to work with Git, moving from SVN, improved my skills in backend development, different sort of integrations, self-managed development. We've launched one project Marc o Polo and provided support for few others.

SysIQ (acquired by Astound Commerce)
SysIQ (acquired by Astound Commerce)
Oct 2011 - Feb 20142 years 4 months
Kyiv, UkraineOn-site
Senior Demandware Developer
Full Time
Feb 2013 - Feb 20141 year

SysIQ is a leading ecommerce solutions provider for multi-channel retailers. SysIQ committed to developing long-term value and ROI for its clients. SysIQ’s complete suite of fully integrated applications and services leverages leading commercial platforms and open source applications, and are delivered on-demand as a service. SysIQ has been acquired by Astound Commerce in Nov 2014.

My role and responsibility

As a Demandware Developer I was responsible to develop the functionality according to the given requirements within the estimated timeframe.

My achievements

That was amazing time for me, because it was really first progressive and fast-growing company in my career where I've learned a lot, which was a big jump in my life and career. Amazing projects, amazing culture and people! I've learned Demandware as SaaS platform (architecture), all the aspects and specifics of working with and developing for e-commerce sites, best e-commerce and backend/frontend web-development standards and practices. In the end of 2011 I passed an exam and I earned my first Demandware Developer Certificate. My first project, which I was working on is Icebreaker (about 4 months), then Adidas for the rest of the time being in SysIQ. I was a first developer who've launched initial version of Demandware OMS (Order Management System) for Adidas.

Demandware Developer
Full Time
Oct 2011 - Jan 20131 year 3 months
Evolusent (formerly Web Impact)
Evolusent (formerly Web Impact)
Feb 2010 - Jul 20111 year 5 months
Kyiv, UkraineOn-site
Technical Lead
Full Time
Mar 2011 - Jul 20113 months

Evolusent (former name - Web Impact) is a technology company with a concentrated “Future Forward” approach. Evolusent deliver robust, all-encompassing solutions for web, mobile and e-learning.

My role and responsibility

As a web developer I was responsible to develop the functionality according to the given task description and requirements, fix bugs, provide technical support, maintain existing projects on company's web platform (PRISM framework, written on Coldfusion/PHP).

My achievements

I've been accepted on the job as Web Developer and grew up to Senior Web Developer in 8 months. I've improved my skills in frontend and backend development (PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, web standards and protocols, etc.) a lot, also my English and communication skills. Became a team player. I've launched several new social web sites - GAO, Lifestyle Magazine, School Life. In the end of my career here I've been promoted to the Technical Lead role.

Senior Web Developer
Full Time
Aug 2010 - Mar 20116 months
Web Developer
Full Time
Feb 2010 - Aug 20106 months
System Engineer / Developer
BaDM, LLCFull Time
Oct 2009 - Feb 20103 months
Poltava, UkraineOn-site

National distributor of the pharmaceutical market in Ukraine. Since 1994, BaDM has been taking care of the health of Ukrainians. BaDM provide pharmacies and medical institutions with high-quality medicines and medical products.

My role and responsibility

Design and implement security and automate system for internal processes/purpose.

My achievements

I was working in department of automation of pharmaceutical warehouse. Here I've improved my knowledge of PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS. I've integrated 3 (three) automated modules: warehouse in/out employee control system, regular email newsletter, pricelist generator with the client's level of discount.

System Engineer
Artur-K, LLCFull Time
Mar 2008 - Oct 20091 year 7 months
Poltava, UkraineOn-site

Artur-K is a national distributor of the pharmaceutical market with 15 local representatives in Ukraine, started in 1994 and worked successfully till June 2011 (bankrupted).

My role and responsibility

I was accepted to the company on the System Engineer role in March 2008, when the company was rapidly gaining the speed in growth and they were looking for someone who will help them with the computer and network infrastructure, security and technical support, install and maintain the digital workspace for employees.

My achievements

I was supporting / maintaining about 50 PCs, installing and configuring Local Network, Internet, programming and maintaining telephone station PBX LG LDK100, administering and tuning operation systems (such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003). Also I've learned and got a lot of experience in ethernet and WiFi network standards, protocols (such as TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, web) and network security.

Technical Director of Computer Class
Christian Charity CentreFull Time
Mar 2007 - Oct 20103 years 6 months
Poltava, UkraineVolunteerOn-site

With some sponsor's and friend's help I founded the Computer Class (basic computer science) for people who do not have money to get computer education. To be able to send a regular reports to my sponsors I developed some sort of local online report system (using PHP, MySQL, HTML and JavaScript), which helped me to get the real live status of visitors of my class and the progress of each student. It was great time, I've learned a lot about communication to different people and also how to handle donations, and I met a lot of great people.


National Aerospace University - "Kharkiv Aviation Institute"
National Aerospace University - "Kharkiv Aviation Institute"
Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services
2003 - 2004Kharkiv, Ukraine

Specialty: The software of the automated systems (Software Engineer). Not completed (not accomplished), skipped after 1st year of study.

Computer Science Course
Associate’s Degree, Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services
2002 - 2003Poltava, Ukraine

Computer Science course for 4 months.

Primary - Secondary School
Primary - Secondary School
Primary, Secondary
1991 - 2002Velyka Bahachka, Poltava Oblast, Ukraine

It is a regular Ukrainian Primary (I level) - Secondary (II level, III level) 11 years (11 classes) School.


Throughout my career I've got the following list of certification, which I keep up to date:

Astound Commerce
Issued Jan 2023
Issued Oct 2016
Architecting and e-commerce Solutions in Demandware
Issued Feb 2012
Issued Dec 2011